When is the best time to take a break from Youtube?


Hello, it’s me.

So this year I decided to go off schedule and only post videos when I felt like it.  Knowing that I’m preparing to move into the vivid world of travel blogging I didn’t really want to re-brand my channel again (Which I recently did) so I’ve been taking time off to work on an entire new thing.  It’s not like last time when I quit Youtube, it’s more of a “when I find inspiration, I’ll press record,” but I’m learning that inspiration is very thin at the moment for JusKevYTP.  Supposedly this is my fun channel where I create videos that make people laugh but I’m always craving more. I don’t just want to make people laugh, I want to inspire them, and teach them things.

The sheer amount of videos I make that are similar to others on Youtube is astounding.  Even watching Youtube these days seems to be fairly repetitive.  It’s a public holiday, Easter videos will be out.  10 ways to pick up girls.  The latest ipad air review.  What’s in my fridge.  Australian tries bullshit international food for views.  You get my point. It’s become very black and white for videos on Youtube.  I’m seeing new Youtuber creators copying things I’ve seen years ago.  Seen people who have invested way too much money on video cameras to not even know how to do basic edits.  Taking breaks from Youtube helps put everything in perspective.  I’m sure I could’ve became a successful Youtuber, but at what lengths would I need to sacrifice to get there?  The biggest key to Youtube growth is consistency, but every time I try to do that, it gives me even more pain.

I thought my self discovery year was 2014 when I traveled to Denmark and had an amazingly profound experience.  But in 2016 already I’m learning so much about myself and how I react to situations.  Things I’m sure would make a fantastic Youtube video but it’s not things I really want to share with everyone.  Privacy has become something I’m beginning to regain.  When is it too much to share online?  Who can you really trust?  I’ve become vegetarian.  I’ve seen a simple Facebook status tear apart friendships.  I’ve had to fight (not physically) for the girl of my dreams.  Most of all, I’ve had to pick myself up multiple times from emotional breakdowns like I’ve had never to before and continue to move forward.  2016 has not been easy, I choose to move on and hold no grudges.  I have honestly achieved everything I wanted form the JustKevYTP channel, but it’d be a mistake if I chose to leave it again.  So I can’t guarantee when the next video will be out, but when it does come out, it’ll be something I want to make.

Just thought I’d give you guys an update, had a few people asking why haven’t I posted something in a while.

Thanks for reading onliners, #BangBang.



Watch below for my latest video