Youtube 2016 – The Good, Bad, and Ugly


I’ve broken this blog up into three parts.  Hopefully doing a small summary leading into another big year of Youtube


  • Highly enjoyable if you make it enjoyable
  • Fantastic way to build confidence and networking skills
  • Improves video/audio/social media skills
  • Creates videos seen by hundreds/thousands/millions across the world
  • Discover a beautiful Youtube community of fellow creators
  • Meet lifelong friends
  • Find videos that cheer you up and inspire you to live a better life
  • Expands your knowledge of the world
  • Get paid to do what you love
  • Leads to fantastic bigger opportunities
  • Accomplish achievements and make more goals

Celebrating the Five Year anniversary for the Melbourne Youtube Community


  • Prone to Trolling (angry, hateful comments for the sake of discouraging you)
  • Loss of money/time
  • Privacy issues
  • Youtube relationship break ups
  • Copyright issues
  • Youtube Partner Networks giving empty promises to Youtubers
  • Youtubers argueing online
  • Never living up to everyone’s expectations


Zoella’s house has been bombarded by fans


  • Manipulation of friendship/love for gaining subscribers
  • Very very lonely at times
  • Become almost a puppet for bigger companies to milk you of money
  • Content Creators abusing their fans
  • Using subscribers for negative reasons
  • Sam Pepper!
  • Stealing other peoples original content and claiming it as your own


Sam Pepper’s “Killing best friend prank”


Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know what you guys should make the list.

Thanks for reading, onliners. #BangBang



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