Returning to Youtube – 6 months on


Quite insane to be writing about my Youtube journey after 6 months from returning on this beautiful platform. I guess plans never work out the way you want them to.  I had a set timetable and vision that I wanted my channel to go on but ultimately it fell through.  I wanted to push my comedy skits more than anything but the more I made them the harder they were to make.  My camera skills have become more professional, but the main problem I face is because it is my channel, I have to be in front of the lens.  Meaning I can’t really use my camera skills to the full potential.  I underestimated the toll that final year of university would take on me.  The final semester of school has got me in this up and down pendulum of motivation and constantly making me double-guess what I want to do with my life.  I know Youtube is part of that but it’s always the risk of whether I should invest more time into making videos or not.

90's kids pic

One of my videos “How 90’s Kid’s Should’ve Grown Up”

What I’m most surprised is how much I missed the Youtube community.  Things like GAME ON Interactive (Gaming/Youtube convention that happened in May this year) was a huge success in my eyes and made me want to pursue Youtube even more.  This wonderful Australian Youtube community has exploded and meeting like-minded people always inspires me to go all out.  Some of my closest friends are now Youtubers and doing monthly/bi-monthly meetups in Melbourne is so fun to be a part of again.  When I was overseas, I didn’t do much on Youtube (a few vlogs on my 2nd channel) but I missed being included in those community events.  It felt like something was missing, and that void has finally been fulfilled by being back within the community.  I did a small trip with some Melbourne Youtubers to Adelaide in September and it was one of the highlights of my year.  Incredible to see Youtubers from different cities bonding and some Adelaide Youtubers will be visiting Melbourne on November 21st Saturday (So come join if you’re free, it’s for everyone!).  Shall be a fun day of creators meeting with people who love watching Youtube videos as much as we do.


Shenanigans at Game On Interactive 2015

Now comes my future projections.  Nothing would make me happier than to break into this media industry through Youtube.  I’d love to make a full length feature movie someday and get funded for it 100%.  Studying media at university made one thing clear, I belong in this online internetsphere.  With school nearly completed, I’ve exerted all excuses on why I haven’t been making Youtube videos.  I want it as a full time job.  I want to defeat the 9-5 workhour cliche.  I want to travel the world and vlog it.  Most of all, I want to sit here 10 years from now, writing to tell everyone that I was successful in doing that.   So let’s give this thing one more try and keep chasing the internet dreams!

Thanks for reading, onliners.  #BangBang


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