Why I left my Youtube Partner Network


So recently I left my Youtube Partner Network (BoomVideo) after being with them for a few years.  There’s no hard feelings and I still maintain a good standing with the network.  There are plenty of reasons for leaving and I hope to explain some of them to you guys in this blog and hopefully shed some light on the current situation on Youtube.


Going back a few years ago there was this surge of Youtubers joining partnership networks – why?  Because they guaranteed a lot of things normal non partners couldn’t get at that time.


1)  Monetization.  Being with a partner network meant that you could monetize your videos to make money from them.  It was a big selling point to joining with a network and they can get you sponsorship deals.  What a lot of people didn’t tell you is that if you had a small amount of subscribers (below 5000) they almost wouldn’t ever give you sponsorship from other companies.  Boom were really good in that they gave a lot of the smaller Youtubers opportunities early on.  It’s cut down so much now that there were virtually no opportunities for myself anymore, so I felt like I was making videos while the network made free money off me.  More convincingly, you now can monetize your channel without no network and there’s ways of getting sponsorship without a network being a part of it.

2) Protection from click/ad bombing.  This essentially meant that whenever someone would click on your ad (hundreds of times) so it looked like you were giving money to yourself, your account would be disabled for monetization.  Networks can prevent this as they have a direct contact with Google.  It’s really rare now to hear of someone who got clickbombed.

3) Networking.  The real reason I joined with Boom.  It gave me an opportunity to connect with fellow minded Youtubers and collab with them.  The main problem I found?  You don’t need a network to do this.  You honestly can do it by yourself and you’ll find that Youtubers will collab with you regardless if you’re with the same network or not.


If you’re a smaller Youtube like myself, the main goal to join a network shouldn’t be about money. The networks will give you a lot of empty promises and you’ll feel shitty once you’ve signed a 1-2 year contract and they don’t even respond to you.  Make sure you’re joining a legit company (plenty of scammers out there) and see which other Youtubers are with them and talk with the Youtubers first.  I’ve learnt my lesson as I was very hesitate on joining a partner network (Ironically my channel went downhill after I joined the partner network).  Honestly you shouldn’t even think about joining a network these days if you are under 10,000 subscribers.  Believe in your content, you can make it on Youtube by yourself if you stay consistent and am willing to take risks with your videos.



There’s really nothing that’s changed once I unlinked my channel.  I had to re-monetize all my videos but with the “bulk” action button, I could monetize 30 videos at a time.  The only surprising thing is the videos that were rejected from monetization before I joined Boom, were once again rejected for monetization (Not a big factor to me).  I also got a nifty “content manager” tab which isn’t too different from the Youtube dashboard.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 8.20.27 pm

I hope this was able to shed some light on the situation and hopefully help you guys out if, you too, are deciding on whether to join/leave a Youtube partnership network.  Feel free to ask questions, I’m more than happy to answer them 🙂

Thanks for reading, onliners.  #BangBang


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